Not this time…

What a way to announce that we are hoping to begin the process of bringing home baby number two…

We just spoke with the agency. We were calling into to speak with the birthparents, they chose us and one other family to speak with and right as she answered us, they were calling to tell her that they didn’t think it was fair to us, to speak to us because they had already made up their mind to go with the other family.

We are feeling pretty sad and defeated but even in this we know that God has a plan. Maybe this was all about letting us know that we need to be prepared. We’ve been talking about how we would use this year to apply for grants, save money and in general get ready for baby number two but this situation has made it that much more clear that “getting ready” is exactly what we need to be doing and maybe sooner than we originally thought. Our plan will still be to use this next year to apply for grants and save (and continue to renovate our home to fit more little people) and then around this time next year “actively” start the process again. BUT, if another situation like this falls into our laps, the way this one has, we will be open to it.

But, we are sad. And it’s okay to be a little sad.

Love ya’ll. thanks so much for praying and joining in this roller coaster with us. Keep praying for these birthparents and this sweet baby girl and for her parents.

And in a crazy turn of events, we have some unexpected news..

Hello Friends,

This is to all of you who had some sort of part in helping us bring Canaan home. A few weeks ago, we we’re given a little bit of unexpected money and we decided to use it to refresh our homestudy, with the intention of saving money/applying for grants over the next year and actively starting the adoption process in the spring of next year.
Well, we just had our meeting with the social worker a couple of nights ago. And when it was over, we received a message about a possible situation with a baby girl who is due in late June. After praying about it, we just couldn’t shake the thought that the timing was just too crazy to ignore, so we have been in communication with the agency and they think that we could be a great match for the birth parents.
They are presenting to the parents here in the next couple of days. If we were to be chosen, we’d need something around $10,000 very quickly, for a portion of the agency fee and some travel and other costs. As you know, adoption is expensive and cost much more than that, but after the initial costs and travel, we’d be able to work out plans with the placing organization and have time to look for grants and fundraise for the rest of it over the next little while.
We feel like God made something impossible happen when we brought Canaan home, and we don’t really know how its going to happen this time, but we just wanted to ask all of you if you would pray for us. Pray that the birth parents would make the right decision, and if that decision is us that God would provide like he did last time, because if they choose us, things will have to move very, very quickly.

We really didn’t want to have to ask for help raising money again but some very sweet friends reminded us of how involved everyone got with Canaan and how there are those who want to walk this journey with us, continue to bless our family and believe in adoption in this way. That being said, we have set up a youcaring account as a safe way to raise money for our next adoption.

Brandon, Leah and Canaan

Making our House a Home…

So… It’s been a few months since we’ve posted anything at all.  But we’ve had a few developments over the past few months.  Well nothing too interesting…

First and foremost, Canaan is doing great!

He is two now and ridiculously cute, active, and a little bit wild… only in the best way, of course.

DSC_3071 DSC_3183

As I type this, Leah is sitting on the couch and Canaan is standing next to her on the couch patting his belly, saying, “PUSH!” until Leah pushes him down so that he falls on his back on the couch in a uproar of laughter.  This sort of thing is a daily occurrence in our home, and we love it.  Now he is spinning around in a circle until he gets dizzy and stumbles around saying “Woah, Woah, Woah!”


He’s a fun kid…

The second development is that we renovated our kitchen… Leah’s dad, Doug, and Brandon worked their tails off for a couple of weeks and turned our kitchen from this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 6.28.02 PM IMG_0102 IMG_0104



We removed the bar, which was a little too high for us, and added under counter lightsDSC_3360

We replaced the base cabinets to the right of the stove, as well as added some new cabinets around the refrigerator.


The new cabinets were bought from Ikea.  If you’ve ever priced cabinets from Ikea, they are probably the lowest prices around… but if you don’t buy the doors from Ikea, you can save another 50-60 percent… so we built the doors for the new cabinets:


Then we put facades on the front of the old cabinet doors to make them match:


We got new counter butcher-block countertops and an apron front sink from Ikea:


We also set up a little coffee station:

DSC_3367 DSC_3368

Anyway, we are pretty proud of this little bit of making our home into our own.  And, if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that Canaan is making it his own too:


That cabinet to the left of the fridge is where we keep the food, including Canaan’s snacks…

Give us some feedback!

Holy heartattack Batman, it’s been over a year!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and/or have a toddler.

Clearly, I’ve taken some time away from blogging. I desperately needed something to “give” and unfortunately, it was writing. Not to say that I consider myself a writer, because the only writing I really do is songwriting. I digress. Here we are friends, a year and 2 months later.

Canaan update; he is thriving! Little man is doing so well, it’s unbelievable! In fact, when people who don’t know our story hear about his start, they are amazed! His heart is doing well for the time being, we have to have another check up in the spring and for it he will need to be sedated, he’s just too wiggly. He is awesome though. I swear, I don’t know how I managed to get a kid who is exactly like I was as a child. He is absolutely fearless! Here’s a couple of pics.


I want to write a ’10 things about Canaan” post soon. Hopefully during this Christmas break, I will get to.

Momma update; as you might know, I am a teacher but I am also a musician, I decided after studying music in college, that one subject was just not enough ;). When we adopted Canaan, I decided to leave my position at a local elementary school and stay home with my dream baby. Well, six months into staying home 100% of the time, I realized that it is just not for me, every other day though, I wish it were. I’m just not a very domesticated person. SO, November of last year, I followed a life long dream and opened a business. I own and operate a music studio here in our little mountain town. I teach kindermusik classes and give private lessons in voice, guitar and piano. I am loving IT! It is stressful owning a business, especially when you’re an accidental business owner like me (more on that later), but I feel more fulfilled and excited with my work, than I ever have. It’s awesome to get to love what you do! Check it out, if you’d like… I also recently began a pretty big life change with my health. I’m hoping one day to tell that story, but so far, I’m not quite there. It’s such a sensitive subject and I”m not comfortable yet with the world (or just general public) knowing all the ins and outs. Some of my extended family don’t even know all of it…


Daddy update; After leaving full time ministry, when we had to leave our life in Canada, Brandon had a few years of “figuring out” to do. We really felt like we needed to step away from working at churches, maybe for a while, maybe forever. We also felt that it’s nice, sometimes, to get to serve and love your pastoral staff really well. Especially after being pastoral staff who weren’t loved well. If you want more of that story,  look here. 

All that to say, Brandon spent a year unemployed but working when and where he could, doing anything (which is BONKERS and not by choice!) and then finally got a position at a prison that is about 45 minutes away. After two years working there and really struggling with the work environment (clearly, IT WAS A PRISON FOR PETE’S SAKE?!), he got a position with our county’s Child protective services. This new career has been awesome and it’s a regular schedule that is only 5 minutes away. You don’t realize how nice an 8-5 is, if you’ve never had it. Let me tell you, it is SO nice! So far, it’s just an incredible fit for him, ya’ll know how we are all about adoption and seeing children in good, healthy situations. He has literally come back to life before my eyes. Ya’ll he is just the most amazing man. He is the best daddy I’ve ever seen, he is a sweet and tender husband, you should all be jealous! I mean just look at this picture and try your best not to swoon.


We also moved to “town”  and into a small but bigger home last year after living in a tiny house, less than 600 square feet. Now, live in a super cute house that we hopefully closing on in a couple of weeks. This story is also CRAZY….I need to tell it too, shew, too many stories to share! Life is good and crazy for us!

God is good, He gives and takes away. He desires good for those that love Him and most importantly, the biggest story of my life, He GIVES A CRAP, about me, who is the most wretched. There is Hope. Emmanuel, God with us.

4 Years, A post for Cash.

Quick Canaan update: he is a heart warrior if we’ve ever seen one! He has bounced back beautifully is doing great!

Note: this may offend, bring up bottled emotions, or may not make sense why I am talking so frankly and publicly. If you think you will fall into those categories, will judge or criticize, STOP READING NOW. This post is not for you, I don’t even know that’s its for me.

Dear Cash,

It has been 4 years today since you came and went. Daddy and I had been told that getting pregnant would never be possible so you were extra special. You were our miracle baby. We love you so much.

It all started when we were living way, way up north in Canada. One day Momma started feeling weird, and loopy. Forgetful and crazy tired. Daddy thought I was losing my mind.  I waited about a week and it didn’t go away so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Guess what? It was positive! We couldn’t believe it! In fact, we really truly didn’t believe it so Daddy bought like 25 tests and spent all of our money just to see it say “yes” over and over again. We were overwhelmingly excited. Overjoyed, delighted. I can’t even use words to tell you how we felt. We were just so excited about you. Then we started having some trouble with the doctors. They couldn’t figure how old you were (your gestational age), even though we had an idea. There also weren’t enough lady doctors to go around for the area and we couldn’t get my doctor to believe that I have the condition that I have known about since I was a teenager. We found out later that she didn’t even read my medical history until it was too late. I will always wonder if there was something that could have been done. So we went on for several weeks and everything was going great. Until it wasn’t. It started with some spotting, which scared us to death. We went to the emergency room down in the city which was 8 hours away and where we happened to be that weekend for our anniversary. They didn’t see us until the middle of the night but the doctor said that everything was fine and this sometimes happened. We still didn’t get to see an ultrasound, they take a long time up where we lived, but he confirmed that I was in the 2nd trimester. We thought that meant we were out of the danger zone. But he did say that I needed to start bed rest. So we drove home and bed rest began. It took a few weeks but everything seemed to be okay and we were able to schedule an ultrasound. I was so excited that day, to see you and hear your heart beat. I felt like we had known you the whole time but that day, you were going to meet us too. Everyone in our life was so excited about you, our miracle. Daddy and I had even already chosen your name, even though we didn’t know for sure that you were a boy, at that point,  we really felt like you were.

Then the bad news came. I could tell that something was wrong because the ultrasound tech wouldn’t let me see the screen and didn’t let me hear your heartbeat. So we went home and tried not to worry. A couple days later we went back to the doctor to hear about you and see your pictures. Daddy and I were nervous but still so overjoyed with you that we were goofing off in the doctors office. When she came it was like all the air left the room. I knew immediately that something was wrong. She said, I hate to tell you this but we weren’t able to find a heartbeat. She also confirmed that we were in the 2nd trimester and that she expected me to miscarry within a few days. Or I could undergo a D&C. I chose not to as I believed that perhaps you still had a chance. We went home and cried and prayed and cried and prayed. We reached out to our family and close friends who were so far away, about 2600 miles. We told them to pray and received a lot of encouragement and great stories about how this sometimes happens. Then we waited.

The day that you left I had been in labor for the better part of the day. I don’t know if I was in denial or just naive, but I now know that it was labor. That night I had went to sleep knowing something was wrong. I woke up in the middle of night and went to the living room. I was looking out the window watching it snow and I started to pray. I prayed for you. I prayed that God would heal you. I prayed that He would heal me. I cried out to Him like I never have in my whole life. I sat this way for hours. And then you came. 


Warning: this may be graphic and is information that I have only shared with a handful of very close people. I think it’s time to say it. Bear with me. Or don’t. It’s up to you.


I went to the bathroom in our tiny apartment and knew that something terrible was happening. I yelled for your daddy and he came in there with me. By this time there was blood getting all over the place. I felt you leaving me. I cried, I screamed. I was begging God to stop this from happening. And then it was over. You were gone. We were able to hold you. To you see your tiny baby shape. You still kinda looked like an alien but you were ours. You had little fingers and toes and an umbilical cord. You even had little finger nails. Daddy and I both took turns holding you and looking at you. I talked to you a little. We then found a little tupperware container and gingerly put you in. I now find this detail really funny and every time I look at and hold that size container, I think of you. We then went to the E.R. We gave you to them in your little box. I thought they would give you back but they never did. If I had know, I would have tried to take a minute, to say goodbye. They took you and were able to measure you and run tests. They were able to tell us that you were at least 15 weeks, and that they thought I was 18 weeks. That you had most likely stopped growing at 15. They were able to tell us that you were a boy. But they weren’t able to tell us exactly what had happened. They just kept saying spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortion?! As if we didn’t want you, as if my body didn’t want you, as if they world didn’t want you. But you were wanted. So very much sweet boy, you were wanted.


I then had to be examined. It was so painful and scary. Daddy said I was screaming and crying and yelling that whole time and that I just kept saying no over and over again. I felt so alone. Part of me was gone. Part of me died. It was you.


So here we are with your baby brother Canaan. He is amazing Cash. You would have loved him so much. We think about you all the time. We wish you were here. You would be 3 1/2. You would probably have freckles and brown eyes. I secretly think you would have red hair. You would be stubborn and sweet and have a bad temper but be quick to laugh. Canaan would love you and would want to follow you around and try to pull your hair. We miss you. We love you. We wish you were here too. Please take care of your other sibling in heaven. Take care of all the babies, in fact!

Cash, we will never be the same because of you. It has taken me  3 out of the 4 years since you left to get back to who I used to be. And honestly even now, I’m still not the same. But, I am finding joy again. I’m searching for it and fighting for it. But part of me will always be gone, that part that made up you. You came and went and today we remember you. Today is your day Cash. The day you entered the world and left it. I am going to make sure that we remember, that we make the world a better place because of you. And that more than anything else, we fight for joy. The Lord is faithful and gives good gifts. He gives and takes away but is always faithful to bring joy with the morning.

Today is your day. Happy 4 years.


Love you so much my sweet angel,



Dr. McCutie is officially discharged!

We have been discharged after a fun night of play for C and an exhausting night for momma and daddy. We are hoping to stay another night here in Charlotte at the Ronald McDonald house just to let C rest before we hit the road in the morning.

Thanks for your prayers, we have definitely felt them!


In case you can’t tell, this is a onesie that has a doctors jacket and stethoscope and a name tag that says “Dr. McCutie”

Out of surgery…

Well our little heart warrior is doing really well but things didn’t exactly as we had hoped.


The doctor was hoping that he could just balloon out the narrow part of Canaan’s right pulmonary artery, but he actually ended up putting in a stent in order to widen the artery out more evenly. This means that he will probably need another cath in 2-4 years to widen out the stent, and then, when they go in at age 8-10 to replace his pulmonary valve, they will remove that stent. Basically the problem was that Canaans right ventricle had much higher pressure than it should have. You can see below how much of a difference the stent made, but it also brought the pressure in that ventricle down to where it should be. The before is on the left, the after is on the right.



So, all in all, Canaan is doing really well and the doctor is hopeful that we will be home this weekend.